Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Saturday 3rd January


12.00 am went on guard till 2 am. From 2 till half past made some toast and then to bed. 5.45 awakened to go on again. Felt very tired. 9.40 came off for breakfast. Had bacon, beans, porridge. Cleared up. Read book. Had meat, green, potatoes and tasteless sago. 12.30 on guard. 1.45 relieved. Got meal to go out, put in *remaster for Fritton*. Cycle over to Hillmarton. Doris met me down drive. Had a rest by fire. Got Lyn up. She was queer. Doris much better, Went to Post Office. Doris bought a brush. Had good tea and supper. Got back 11.30. Made bed up. Raining outside.
P.S. Had coffee and spam supper.


Up usual time 8.00 am and did all usual jobs. Happy day because Bill came. Lyn went to bed from 1-4 and I went and met Bill in the field. Laid tea and got Lyn up. Went to the village shop and bought Bill a nail brush and a rear lamp battery. Lyn went to bed without any tea queer, but is better now. Mrs S, girls and Phil were out to tea. Sat around the fire this evening knitted and read. Bill snoozed. “Spam” for supper. Went to the field gate with Bill.  Bed now 11.20 pm.

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