Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wednesday 14th January


Out of bed quarter to seven, shaved, cleaned up buttons and rifle ready for breakfast at quarter past eight. Almost an inch of snow outside but not so cold. Had breakfast, shredded wheat, bacon and bubble and squeak. Came back and at 9 am started lettering. Had a  cup of tea 10 am. Finished off rosters, told I was on 7 post very cold. Freezing cold lads have been sweeping snow and lectures. 12 going to dinner. Had dinner, corned beef, potatoes, turnips, ground rice. 12.30 range Doris up. Lyn was better, had been playing in the snow. Doris all right but thick in the nose. Tossed up for shifts, I go on first getting stuff ready, sewed button on my trousers. Lads gone on embarkation leave today. On parade and on 7 post first shift not too cold but I had to move about. Came off at 20 past four and wrote two letters, then tea. Had faggots, cake, then on duty again from stand to till stand down. On with Lacford, put guns away and came up for supper. Had supper, stew, cocoa. Rang Doris up. Lyn was happy. More volunteers wanted for abroad. Gong back to guard hut with blankets. Made bed up and read a few stories. Got to bed. Goodnight.


Rodwell. Up usual time, more or less messed away the morning waiting for Mrs S to mend the iron. Did a little ironing and ironed most of the afternoon. Snow today. Lyn went out this morning but cried because her fingers got cold. Did a bit of Lyn's vest before and after tea. Altered the petrol blue frock this evening, darned Bill's pants and my socks. Bill rang up dinner time and this evening. Quite OK on No. 7 post, so ought to be here by three tomorrow. One of my ears are completely blocked up. Bed now 10.15. G. Night.

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