Sunday, 1 January 2012

Thursday 1st January


Awakened at 7 a.m. Had boiled cod and porridge for breakfast. Went digging filling in trench *** cable till twelve. Very tired. Had beef, greens, very hard potatoes, unsweetened custard baked bread pudding. Rang Doris up. She was still having pains in her side but better than before. 1.30 laying out drums ready for tomorrow. Filling in trench till 4.30. Had brawn for tea. Very grateful I had cake mother gave me. Wrote a letter to mother and read paper. Rang Doris up. She was better, had been for a walk. Had supper and watched card players. Readying for the night. In bed 10 o'clock. Good night.


Rodwell: Up usual time not feeling too good. Indefinite pains all over. Did usual jobs but not more than necessary. Went to bed 1 - 4.45, read and thought. After tea sat and knitted and read until Bill rang up just after eight then to bed. First day of another year of war. I wonder what I shall write in this book for the last day. Please God that Bill, Lyn and me may be together in peace and the war ended, no more partings.

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