Saturday, 28 January 2012

Wednesday 28th January


Got up 7 am, cleaned up and went to breakfast. Very good porridge. I had two plates but could not stomach salt boiled cod fish. Took my bread back and toasted it. Went on parade, marched down to hanger on parade and *** finished and then on gun drill. After then, Vickers lecture on ***. Dinner time, had shepherd's pie and prunes and tapioca.Came back and then on parade again. Went on square bashing first of all. Rang up Doris, she was well, also Lyn. Went down road for a march then sheltered in guard room. Then down village and fell out for a smoke. Marched out for my lectures then drew a B6 grenade for Don Grant to lecture for H.Q. Went to tea, had meat, currant bread, beetroot, then back to hut. Put wings on coat. Left one pinned on while went over to lecture.Sat in *** *** one book. After that went over to supper for a change had stew and cocoa. Resumed sewing on and finished it. Rang up Kidlet. She was well, also Lyn. She said I sounded queer but I convinced her I was all right. Talked to *** about his wife. He still loves her and would do anything to get her back. I felt very sorry for him. Came back to hut, made some toast and had a lot of leg pulling by the other lads. It was very quiet, so have been writing up this diary which had been left too long and I am going to bed. It is now ten o'clock. Good night.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Did a big packet of washing this afternoon. (Mrs Slade was here and helped me to finish entirely by 1.50). Got Lyn up and took her and Kala up one f rive and down the other. rea, put Lyn to bed, then did all the ironing that was dry, all except woolies. Bill rang up dinner time - OK. he rang up again this evening. Quite all right. On main guard tomorrow. Sewed up and partly finished off Anne's frock this evening. Worked hard but couldn't finish it. Tired now, very, and promised Bill I would go to bed early. 10.30 pm. G. Night.

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