Thursday, 26 January 2012

Monday 26th January


Got up 7 am, then to breakfast. Bacon and sausage. Bacon a bit rancid. On parade bayonette drill and fast drill. Went on guard, C hut. Very slippery on roads. Went on *** it was very cold.Came off at 5 pm and walked over to G.H.Q. for tea. Had fish mashed up with potatoes, and marmalade. Came back, then went in to pilots room, made a good fire. Went to supper, had stew and cocoa. On again 9 till eleven with ***. It was not too bad, but plenty bad enough. Came off and sat reading by fire till twelve, then for a few hours sleep. Got up 20  minutes to two and on at two.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Lyn awake during the night with her tummy, miserable this morning but quite all right this afternoon and evening. Bill rang up dinner time - I miss him today. he's on C flight today. Policeman came dinner time, thought Bill's (Ed. different Bill) brother was deserter but all turned out all right. Wrote letters this afternoon and evening too, did six, and altered a satin petticoat. ordered the suede shoes. Hope to have a bath and wash my hair before I go to bed. Didn't have a bath as Mrs S did, so after supper went to bed. 10.15 pm.

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