Thursday, 5 January 2012

Monday 5th January


7 am got out of bed feeling none too good in the stomach. Suspicious feeling about pie. Could eat no breakfast and had a cup of tea. On parade with overalls and filling in trench. It was very cold. Went to lavatory 3 times. 12 midday could not eat any dinner bar little rice pudding. 1.30 on guard parade on C flight. Felt rotten. Marched down to C flight. Rang Doris up told her I shall be late. Stove in hut not very good. Perishing cold. Matthews tried to alter wick and messed it up. No heat and perished with cold. Tea I had half a slice of black currant jam, two cups of tea. No supper feeling rotten. Enjoyed hot cup of cocoa ten o'clock on guard.


Rodwell. Up usual time and vacumed all round as they are all out tomorrow. Bill rang up dinner time, he wasn't very well, poor old boy. I do hope he is better now. Lyn made a 'pudding' this afternoon. She is a bit better I think but has got a bad cold. I've got the cold too so have come to bed now although it's only 8.25. I am going to read a little while.I wish Bill and I were at home. I do want to be with him and look after him when he isn't well - do hope he will be all right tomorrow. Good night

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