Monday, 2 January 2012

Friday 2nd January


Got up at 6.45. Had boiled egg and corn flakes. Went filling in trench and laying cable. Had curry rice and pudding for dinner. On main guard 1.30. Had last shift 6 o’clock. Rang Doris. Arranged to meet her about three. Read Magazine and *** book during afternoon. Had meat pie and jam for tea. Went on guard with Gosling 6 to 8. Had supper, boiled cod, potatoes, cocoa. Took blanket down. Listened to news. Japs entered Manila. We took Bandia. 9.45 made bed to get two hours sleep if lucky. On again at twelve till two. Weather dull but not too cold. Practice bombing at ******. Good night.


Rodwell. Up usual time and did usual jobs. Felt a lot better. Vacumed upstairs. Did awful packet of washing after dinner. Lyn went to bed 1-4. Rosemary G**** and a little girl of three came for ½ hour but Mrs S. was at church. Mrs S. went to a dance this evening. Read Moonraking all the evening. Meat patties for supper with Mr S. and Bill Cook. Mr S. helped me wash up then all to bed just after ten. Tired.

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