Monday, 9 January 2012

Friday 9th January


2 am. relieved, went to own hut, brewed some coffee and toasted currant bread. Had a good warm. I made the fires up and then went back to guard hut to sleep. Felt warm and comfortable after all that. 5.45 woke up to go on duty. It was milder but rain showers. 7 am wind changing to the east. Wind very cold and freezing. Relieved, went to breakfast, had some warm tea and porridge, two rashes of bacon, toast and cleaned up buttons and washed and shaved then back to guard hut. 11.30 ** parade ** - 13. 12.15 dinner meat greens and potatoes, baked currant pudding and custard. 12.50 on duty again. It is very cold. 1.55 relieved and then inspection and dismissed. 2.00 made bed and changed ready to go out. Cycled over to Hillmarten, met Doris. She was alone. Lyn asleep in bed. Had a warm by the fire then at 4 o'clock dressed Lyn and gave Doris two bars chocolate cream. Doris prepared tea. Introduced to Miss ***. Walk up to Hillmarten Post Office with Doris and Lyn. Doris bought some chocolates and cheese and mops. Arrived back for tea. Had bread and butter, jam, honey, ginger cake and lardy cake and biscuits. Washed up tea things, put Lyn to bed and read her a story then got in *** and slept for an hour. Kidlet darned my glove for me. 9.10 supper, biscuits, cheese and two  cups of cocoa made with milk and felt very sleepy.  10.30 prepared for camp, very frosty. Walked in 11.30, then bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time, did usual jobs. Heard from Mother, she's better. Mrs May*** came this afternoon. I went and met Bill at 3.00 pm, we sat and talked 'till they came, in the kitchen, then got Lyn up, got the tea for them and went for a walk to the village. Came back as they went so had out tea on our own. Put Lyn to bed, then sat round the fire. Bill slept most of the evening. He'd come straight off his post and was very tired. Walked to the top with him. Got my bottle and so to bed 11.20. I wonder if Bill is back yet. G. Night.

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