Thursday, 12 January 2012

Monday 12th January


Got out of bed 16 minutes to seven. It is frosty and cold. Shaved and washed and cleaned buttons. Listened to news. 8.10 off to breakfast. Had shredded wheat for breakfast and sausage and bacon. 9 am started on roster then went over office for approval. It passed OK and P.O. Mastermon said it was better than the original so Sqd Leader Fish said that goes up in my office and asked me if I could do the camoflaging of the gun posts. I accepted and PO Mostermon said he would tour round and see what could be done about it. Came back and had a cup of tea in the hut very good. 12 o'clock dinner curry rice and figs and custard. Resumed work. Had to go out on parade. 20 postings abroad any volunteers. All warning about letter unauthorised entering gates. Had to go and see Mr Mastermon. He inquired about alleged entry of man on dr**ne. Thank goodness it was on the small gate. Went round *** posts with P.O. Mastermon. Planned out what to do. I had to see Sqd Fish at halfpast four.  A.C. Gosling questioned. I could give very little information. Had tea, chicken and ham roll jam beetroot. Cycled over to Hillmarton. Lyn bright and cheerful. I read her story. Sat by fire and Doris cut out squares for Lyn while I drew pictures on them. Had egg for supper. very nice. 12 midnight bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time. Mop round and then did washing for Mrs S. Lyn wonderfully different today, quite happy and bright. Did some ironing this afternoon, got Lyn up and played with her till tea time. Bill came 5.15. Lyn very full of beans, we put her to bed after stories. Sat round the fire. Bill drew pictures for Lyn's letters. I darned socks and cut out the cardboard, and rested with Bill. Supper - Bill had an egg. He's going to camouflage the gun posts. 20 posted overseas. Went to top gate with him. 10.45 G. Night.

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