Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sunday 25th January


Sunday morning and in bed till 8.45. Thank goodness not in camp, very nice to wake up feeling free. Had a shave and breakfast of porridge and eggs, bacon, fried bread. Then helped to wash up, peel potatoes and read book. Also cleaned away a few things. Put Lyn to bed. *** read by the fire and then dinner. Leg of lamb, red currant jelly, trifle, very nice indeed. After dinner washed up and then had a rest on the bed studying Gen book, dressed Lyn and went for a nice long walk, and talked about having a house and farm, its out come and draw back. It was very nice out and enjoyed walk very much. Came back to tea and had potato cakes. Very nice. Cleaned away, washed up, put Lyn to bed, read her a story. She had tummy ache. Sat by fire and read A.G. Street's Diary. Listened to news, had supper, than packed up things to go back to camp. It was a nice night and I wished I was stopping. Got back about 11.45, saw Kelly by fire making toast.We yarned over various things, then went to bed. Bed made for me ***.


Rodwell. Up 8.50 am and together. All went to church so we messed about all the morning. Put Lyn to bed, washed up and then both went to bed to sleep until four. Bill got Lyn up while I got the tea, and then we went for a walk up the Bushton road and got back at six, and had tea on our own. Put Lyn to bed and story, then round the fire. mended Bill's glove and a seam in his overcoat. Then sat a just was happy. Today has been such a happy day, if only we could be together always - it's lonely again now that he is gone. Bed, 10.50 pm.

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