Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Saturday 17th January


Got up at 7 am, shaved, cleaned up, built up fire and had a good warm. Continued work on posters. 10.45 had a cup of tea and another warm. Back to work till 12 pm then finished to get dinner ready for gun post duties. What a day to go on duty. It would have been half  day at home. Had  dinner, mutton, swedes and potatoes, currant pudding with custard. Not bad. Phone up Doris. She still had ***. Lyn was well. Doris heard from Barnet. Mother had been in bed with cold, and now Dad had it. Ivy has been looking after them. Ivy is making something for me. Ken *** and Jock Dorling gone today. Went on G. parade and had first shift on 11 post very cold on there. Could not get my feet warm. Relieved at half past four, then went to tea, had butter, brawn and beetroot with cake. Brought six slices over with me, toasted one, very  nice indeed. Changed into gum boots. Priestner told me his wife had deserted him so he is going abroad. Very hard luck. Must go back to guard hut now and I have several things to take back. Read in front of fire till then to supper. Had salmon and cheese. Went on 6 till ten. Not so cold, wind dropped. Came back and had a warm then made bed. Got in to bed about 5 to eleven. Cheerio.
7pm Rang up Kidlet.


Rodwell. Up usual time, bit giddy all day. Mrs S took Pat back to *** so I was in charge. Cooked the dinner etc. Lynette very good all day and the girls played with her nicely. Jill looked after Philip. I only fed him. Ironed the whole afternoon. Got Lyn up, she was WET, so I washed her blanket, vest and socks. Bill rang up dinner time and at seven. he's on 11 post. It is nice to hear his voice. Knitted at Anne's frock this evening. Laid the breakfat. Going to have a bath now and go to bed 10.23 pm. G. Night.

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