Monday, 30 January 2012

Friday 30th January


12.5 off guard and back to hut. Made some toast and Bert gave Cpl Lucas and I a piece of cheese. We also toasted some currant bread. heated up the cocoa on the stove again. it was OK. had a cup and made bed. Got in bed 12.45, up again 5.50 to go out. it was very frosty and cold we *** ***. Came off 6.10. We had a warm and made bed feeling very sleepy. Woke up again at 8 am. packed up beds and blankets, then breakfast, bacon and bubble and squeak. Bacon rancid, porridge good. Went up for wash. Bert put in remustering for fitter, then back to guard room. Read papers, cleaned rifle. Went on guard 11 till twelve. Cpl Lucas relieved by Cpl *** to go on pass. Had dinner, plenty of meat, carrots, potatoes and figs and custard. A very good dinner. Tossed up for odd half hour we went on. It started to rain. Dismissed guard. Raining terrific. I got ready to go out. Put cape and gum boots on, got to Hillmarton very wet. Changed and sat by fire. Lyn had been queer again and had lump under chin. had tea, put Lyn to bed, sat by fire. Kidlet sewed my props on jacket. Had supper and then back to camp 10.30 pm. 11.30 Bed.


Rodwell. Up usual time and all usual jobs. Up most of last night with Lyn - poor kid. Made Plasticine letter with Lyn in between whiles this morning. Lyn perfectly all right all day. Didn't go to meet Bill as it was so wet. he was here 3.15, wet, so had a bath. I sat and talked to him. Put Lyn to bed, Bill read her a story, then round the fire. Sewed props on Bill's tunic, then unpicked the top of Lyn's vest and started knitting it. A lovely evening together, really happy. Went up to the top gate with Bill. It has been a nice day. Bed now, 11.19 pm. G. Night.

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