Friday, 27 January 2012

Tuesday 27th January


2 am on guard, put mug of cocoa on stove to heat it, did us both good. Came off three, then back to bed. Got up at seven, slipped in to old guard hut and had breakfast, bacon and sausage. Went on at 7 minutes past eight to relieve other two for breakfast. Stopped to finish off time then finished for the day. It was very cold, freezing all the time, hail and sleet. Went over to get four by two. Got some and a piece of emery. Went back to guard hut and cleaned up rifle and wrote to Mother. Had dinner, stew and rice with currants in. 1.50 marched back to camp. The roads were frozen and very slippery. Dismissed and prepared to go out. Changed into blue and got cycle ready and made bed. Put slippers and book in bag. Got on bike. It was thawing but very windy. Doris met me with Lyn. They had macs on. Lyn looked very sweet. She was *** and looked very happy. Went back and sat by fire. Told Doris my L.A.C. had gone on PORS and then had tea. Put Lyn to bed. Sat round fire and read Stock Breeder. Also looked at snaps and also suggested getting Lyn a bank book and putting my LAC money in it. Had supper, pickled onion, cheese, then cycle home. Doris came up drive with me. Ivy sent me pair of gloves. Good night.



Up usual time and did all usual jobs. Snowed and hailed and rained this morning. Bill's brother went away this morning. Got Lyn up at three and took her to meet Bill, it rained and the roads were slippery but she enjoyed it. Bill's got his L.A.C. from Jan 1st. Good. Sat round the fire and talked till tea time. washed up, put Lyn to bed, and story. Then sat and talked in the dining room. Bill snoozed and I finished Anne's knickers. he had a bit of a bad head today. Supper and walked to the top gate with him. It's a lonely time, bed time. I shall never get used to being alone. 11.00 pm. Good Night.

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